Fashion that protects : the value proposal that Undercover offers you



    It is a reality that the COVID-19 has changed not just the global supply chain but the priorities when it comes to the production of brands and the consumption habits of clients worldwide. Nowadays, it has become a necessity to wear a kind of footwear that besides looking trendy and cool can also offer the protection and comfort required in every-day life situations.

   Under the slogan “fashion that protects”, Undercover has taken very seriously the need of creating a footwear with the ideal properties and materials for professionals in the area of health and field workers as well.

   That’s why the rainkers are made of  Polyvinyl Chloride, that has many qualities, such as,  insulating and safety properties, that offers the best thermal insulation due to plastic’s nature. The PVC has also a long useful life, up to about 50 years.


   The rainkers are perfect to be used in different thermal conditions, specially wet or rainy environments, because of its UC Shield, which lies in a technology that prevents water penetration and keeps your feet protected at every moment. It is an anti-slip sole design that allows you to walk comfortably and protected while feeling unique and fun.

   In addition to all the features mentioned below, this footwear has a competitive advantage based in its cleaning and disinfection facility, which is an outstanding characteristic in the worldwide situation we are currently experiencing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. It definitely reaffirms the importance of wearing “fashion that protects” nowadays.


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    Very interesting article, perfectly describes the product! i love the rainkers! They seems very comfy and useful.

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