A time- travel machine: The history and evolution of the boots



   The footprints we leave in the world have much to do with the kind of footwear we decide to use. As most of  people say, if you really want to know about someone, take a minute, look at their shoes and it will tell you a lot about their personality.

   Boots have become one of the most popular choices in men and women’s daily outfit. They have a long evolution history which goes back approximately 15.000 b.c, where they were used to guarantee the protection of the workers in the ancient Egypt and Greece. If you have a pair right now, you definitely have a footwear with years and years of history in your closet.

A quick journey through the evolution of boots

   The first royal on giving a chance to the boots was the queen Victoria of England in the XIX century, a risky decision at the time, that made it a recognized piece in the high-class female population. She popularized the Balmoral boots, which were the perfect match between the comfort she needed to walk in the exterior spaces of the Balmoral castle and at the same time the classy and versatility she required to assist to formal reunions with the high class society.

   Lately in the 60’s the “Beatle boots”, made popular by the Beatles band, became the favorites of the decade. This design was an interesting mix between the Chelsea boots and the Flamenco boots, and consists in a pointed toe, a centre seam stitch and the Cuban heels. It was mostly used by the rock bands and artists.


   The 80’s were the years of the freedom and the exotic combinations. The fashion was definitely flamboyant at that time. The Dr Marten’s boots, characterized by its wide sole, were frequently used by the young people at the rock concerts.

   In contrast, for those who preferred a more elegant style, the “witch boots” were the preferred choice. These were popularized by Madonna and were differentiate by its sharp toe and laces.


A footwear that takes the runway

   In 1996 Karl Lagerfeld made a tribute to Coco Chanel designing a high leather boots that became an icon to the brand. Since that moment ,they were included in many of its collections and became a representative symbol for Chanel.  Years later, these boots were the same that dressed Anne Hathaway in the most emblematic film of the fashion industry: The Devil Wears Prada.

   Dior, Burberry and Alexander McQueen presented in their runways at the autumn- winter 2011/2012 fashion week, different kinds of boots as their masterpiece, having the musketeer, leather and patterned styles as the most popular designs.

   Finally, this 2020 is definitely the year of the platform boots with vibrant colors and daring designs according to the reviews of Elle’s magazine. It isn’t surprising because the fashion gets more exotic and diverse every decade. The truth is that trends are back and you can use nowadays any of the styles previously mentioned and you will look stunning.  What’s your favorite kind of boots?


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