The fashion and beauty industry and its initiatives to reduce the impact of the pandemic


   It is evident that the terrible situation that is currently being experienced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has generated extremely abrupt changes in all sectors around the world. The fashion and beauty industry does not escape to this reality. Since the health crisis began, it deducts losses of approximately $ 43.3 billion according to the estimation published by The Business of Fashion portal. In addition, the Association of Fashion Creators of Spain (ACME by its initials in Spanish) estimated that between April and June of this year the losses in this sector amounted to 360 million. Not surprisingly, the global fashion supply chain has been suspended until the situation stabilizes.

   According to BBC reports, actually, the number of infected patients ascended to approximately 8.931.500 cases. Recognized brands in the sector have shown their solidarity through this global calamity. Some companies have developed massive awareness campaigns, while others make significant monetary contributions or even dedicate the functionality of their fabrics and laboratories to create material for the health personnel.

 An industry that diversifies its efforts

   Inditex, the king of fast fashion, has been one of the multinationals most committed to the cause. Amancio Ortega, owner of the conglomerate, focused his factories on the production of gloves, masks and medical gowns that have been distributed in hospitals in Spain for free during this social quarantine. In mid-April, the company announced that the priority is to keep the jobs of its staff, so, no temporary employment regulation file has been presented so far, and they are subsidizing the salaries of its employees.

   The giant in the luxury’s sector, LVMH, donated 10 million masks destined for public hospitals in France, such as contribution to health personnel, who daily fight the pandemic in the country . This action will be repeated several times, until the amount of 40 million has been reached. The group destinated three of its cosmetic factories in France, belonging to the Dior, Guerlain and Givenchy brands, to the mass production of disinfectant gel. Furthermore, in January, the firm had already donated approximately $2,2 millions to the Chinese Red Cross.


   Similarly, L'Oréal began the production of hydrological gel in its laboratories, a product that will be distributed in health centers in different European countries. The firm's corporate foundation made a donation of 1 million to non-profit organizations to help them cope with the economic crisis. Also, it is offering personal hygiene kits for their social workers as a preventive measure.

   In Italy, the firm Giorgio Armani, made an estimated donation of 1.25 million as a contribution to health centers located in Rome and Milan, cities severely affected by the coronavirus in that country. The brand dedicated all its workshops to the production of medical gowns.

 Marketing in times of Coronavirus

   The difficult situation that the COVID-19 brought, has transformed versatility in heavy artillery from the most recognized brands in the world of fashion and cosmetics. Through awareness campaigns and digital marketing strategies, the firms have generated collective awareness of the need to stay at home, as well as seeking to implement mechanisms to subsist to the significant decrease that this crisis has meant for the profitability of their businesses.

   Technology became a powerful ally during this early year's Milan Fashion Week. Giorgio Armani, was the first designer who decided to make a closed door appearance at the great fashion event in February, as a preventive measure. The firm broadcast the show live on social media to introduce its new collection to the audience.


   Gucci has been one of the fashion houses most committed to the cause. It released a statement that stands in solidarity with health professionals and those affected by the outbreak of the virus, both in Italy and in the rest of the world. It has decided to support the World Health Organization (WHO) by publishing all the official messages of the entity in social networks in order to help with the diffusion of preventive information, such as the hygiene protocols and the certified portals to make donations to the United Nations and the Italian Department of Civil Protection.

   The creativity of the brands is leading during this social quarantine. Mango shows it through the initiative "Mango Girls Diaries", which has been received with open arms by the audience. The recognized brand launched a series in which influencers, editors and models detailed their daily routine dressed with the firm's collections.

   Another initiative that has been totally brilliant is the campaign "It’s my party" by Bimba and Lola. It shows the model Diane Guais, who was also the art director behind the project, hosting her own home party, of which she is the only guest. The model shows several pieces from the latest collection of the Spanish firm with a touch of originality. The improvised creative studio recreated it in her parent’s house, and the campaign seeks to raise awareness among the fans about the current situation through a communicational tone that has a little of comedy on it. It shows a different perspective, not as the common used by most of the brands of the sector.


   What is certain is that solidarity has taken on a special role during this stormy panorama. Seen from different angles, there are many brands in the sector that have joined their efforts to reduce the state of anguish and uncertainty, generated by the health crisis. Today, the companies show us their most humanitarian side. Fashion and beauty have chosen to be in the background until further notice and the efforts are focused on changing the production chains and deploying awareness strategies in a situation that concerns us all.



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