How To Make Creativity Knock On Your Door



Here at Undercover we are always looking for a way to knock it out of the park by bringing in new and fun ideas. For this reason, today we will be giving you five tips for you to channel your creative side


1. Plan a brainstorming session.

What you need to do is gather your team, set a clear objective for the session, and get ready to work. In our case, Undercover was born by taking out a pen during a dinner between friends, and over beers. Cheers!

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2. Find Sources of Inspiration Online

There are endless resources that will offer you a world of information. They will also help you get inspired and explore new ideas. You can pick one of your favorite magazines. In our case, it’s Vogue, where we can get updated on today's trends. If you want to take the digital route, then look no further than Pinterest. There, you can create different boards and save all of your inspo and references there.


3. Organize a meeting with someone whose work inspires you.

You can also meet up with people who stir your creative side. It can be a family member, a friend, someone whose work you’ve admired through social media. You will be surprised by the endless ideas and opportunities that will come up.

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4. Go back to that million dollar idea.

It’s time to go back to that old idea. The one you wrote about ages ago in your diary, that is now covered in dust. The one you couldn’t execute because you didn’t have all the resources or maybe the timing wasn’t right. Now is the time to turn it around, give it a fresh take and make it a million dollar idea.

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5. Identify a problem and try to find a solution for it.

Just a heads up; You can’t give up on the first try. It took Thomas Edison thousands and thousands of tries to come up with the lightbulb. Persistence is key.

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Remember, there are a million ideas out there that haven’t been explored yet. Yours, can be next.



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