Meet Undercover: The “New” Rain Boot Brand On The Block


In April 2021, the iconic Central American Forbes “30 promising business for 2021” issue was published. Checkmarking another big win, we saw the well-known Panamanian entrepreneur María Quintero, obtained a spot in this honoring list thanks to the outstanding results of her footwear and apparel brand, Undercover. 

Growing up and getting the opportunity to travel, María Quintero slowly but surely realized that in Panama, finding a cool pair of rain boots was harder than finding a needle in a haystack. Her solution? Developing a unique concept that was never seen before. She took a risk, quit her 24/7 job, and dove into the journey of creating authentic, fashionable, and most importantly, comfortable rain boots that embed art and culture. The brand creates designs that focus primarily on folklore, fauna, flora, inviting along featured artists to bring their signature touch in limited edition rain boots.  

Undercover is a captivating brand ready to take over the world. Being the first Latin American SME to have launched a collaboration with the world's leading logistics company DHL, in September 2020, that included rain boots, raincoats, and a version of the company’s mascot Juicy Fernando. Receiving an astounding response and having exported to more than 70 countries, they have tasted success and are hungry for more. 

Undercover knows the digital world is an exciting place to be. During this unpredictable global pandemic, they discovered that their e-commerce brand is a huge part of the company’s identity. Through persistence, they were able to embody the brand's values and core identity through their online business, all of this to provide customers the access to their range of products from the safety of their homes.

The company’s mission aims to leave positive “Boot Prints” along the way. “Since 2014, our commitment to the community has always been to give back and find a way to make a difference in everything we do. Our donations program is our driving force, in which we use every opportunity to support organizations focusing on underprivileged children, animal protection, and environmental conservation,” says Undercover CEO, María Quintero.

Every idea starts with a dream. Over the past year, Undercover has embraced the opportunity to accelerate its mission of conquering the U.S market one boot at a time. As a brand with a think big or go home mindset, Undercover has set a high standard by combining captivating collaborations with a dedicated approach to social listening, delivering record-breaking results, media coverage, and sales of its iconic footwear.

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