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About Us

Todo comienza con un sueño.

``Since I was little I always liked to wear rain boots but they were very difficult to find in Panama. In 2014 I had the opportunity to start my dream, to build a Panamanian brand that shows part of our culture in incredible rain boots. Each of our designs tells a story and through sales we look for creative ways to contribute to social and environmental causes in our country. ``

– Mary Quintero

Undercover Inc, registered trademark and proudly Panamanian, was born under the need of supplying a country where it rains almost nine months a year, with comfortable rain boots and great styles. We unleash a significant change in the creation of unique, original and creative designs that overcome the need to survive a rainy day. Undercover dares to completely innovate the world of rain boots, creating designs that tell a story. Each of his boots is committed to surprising his customers. Their designs contain vivid and vibrant colors that speak about a culture, an artist or situations of everyday life. In each boot you will find on the back a legend that describes the individual design.

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